Brief History

Dec. 2016 - Selected as 'Best Government 3.0 Service Alert' by EDUNET (Ministry of the Interior)
Dec. 2016 - Designated as a specialized agency for personal information non-discrimination measures in educational and academic services
Nov. 2016 - Kindergarten entrance management system ‘Go-First School’ service opened
Oct. 2016 - Declaring the new vision of KERIS
Sep. 2016 - Opening of African Solar School in Uganda
June. 2016 - Received '2016 KOCW Human Technology Award' Social Public Sector Excellence Award
May. 2016 - Acquired international certification of educational administration digital signature certification service
Jan. 2016 - Inauguration of the 9th President, Seog-Soo Han
Dec. 2015 - Certified with ISMS(Information Security Management System Certification)
Dec. 2015 - Launched ‘RISS Analytics’ (Research Information Service System Analytics based on Big data)
Dec. 2015 - Awarded Web Award Korea “Public Service” the grand prize (EDUNET)
Nov. 2015 - Hosted the "KERIS symposium on ICT in Education (Kyungpook National University)
Nov. 2015 - Hosted the "Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2015“
Apr. 2015 - Contracted the KERIS ? Daegu National Science Museum Business Agreement
Nov. 2014 - Held an Open Lecture for Daegu citizens
Jul. 2014 - Won a Prime Minister's citation for merit of Information Assurance
Jun. 2014 - Chosen as an excellent governmental organization in management assessment
Apr. 2014 - Contracted business agreement with Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education concerning leading role of Education Informatization
Feb. 2014 - Established primary infrastructure for information and communication managing of NEIS
Jan. 2014 - Selected by Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Commission as a best organization in Anti-Corruption Initiatives Assessment
Dec. 2013 - Designated by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy as a quality certification authority
Dec. 2013 - Chosen by Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Commission as an excellent governmental organization in integrity assessment
Nov. 2013 - Opening ceremony of the new office building in Daegu
Jun. 2013 - Chosen as an excellent governmental organization in management assessment
May. 2013 - Awarded Platinum IMS Learning Impact Award 2013
Dec. 2012 - Selected as an Excellent Public Organization in Customer Service
Dec. 2012 - Selected as an Excellent Public Organization in anti-corruption and integrity
Dec. 2012 - Selected by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as a Family-Friendly Excellent Public Organization
Nov. 2012 - Mr. Sungbin Lim took office as the 8th president of KERIS
Aug. 2012 - Released e-textbooks on the Internet
July. 2012 - Opened the "0079 Educall" integrated call center
Jun. 2012 - Selected as an Excellent Public Organization in Institutional Management
Apr. 2012 - New KERIS Building Groundbreaking Ceremony in Daegu City
Mar. 2012 - Launched Cyber University Comprehensive Information System (CUinfo)
Nov. 2011 - Hosted the "Global Symposium on ICT in Education 2011"
Nov. 2011 - Mr. Chul-kyun Kim took office as the 7th president of KERIS
Oct. 2011 - Hosted "e-learning Korea 2011"
July. 2011 - Designated as e-Learning promotion institution
Jun. 2011 - Established strategies for implementing SMART education
May. 2011 - Selected for KOCW App, App Award Korea BEST 30
Mar. 2011 - Opened the next-generation education administration information service (NEIS) system
Jan. 2011 - Launched the business management system
Dec. 2010 - Established a next-generation education administraion information system(Service & material base)
Sep. 2010 - Designated as a grand consortium operator for joint utilization of educational information content
Aug. 2010 - Inaugurated mobile services for educational research information(Cyber Home Learning System, Excellent Instruction Video & KOCW)
Apr. 2010 - Designated as e-Publication Standardization Forum Secretariat
Mar. 2010 - Launched a comprehensive support system for creative experience activities
Dec. 2009 - Dr. Se-Yeoung Chun took office as the 6th President of KERIS
Apr. 2009 - Start-up of Feasibility Study for Colombia Education Informatization Project
Dec. 2008 - Launch of 'Educational Information Publication (School Info)'
Nov. 2008 - Beginning of Clean & Green Education Campaign
Sep. 2008 - Start-up of Uzbekistan Consulting Project
Jun. 2008 - Dr. Duk-Hoon Kwak took office as the 5th President of KERIS
Feb. 2008 - Opening of the Education Cyber Security Center (ECSC)
Jun. 2007 - Opening of the u-Class
Apr. 2007 - Received the IMS Learning Impact Platinum Award
Jan. 2007 - Received the 1st UNESCO Prize for ICT in Education
Dec. 2006 - Certified with ISO 9001 on KERIS Quality Management System for international e-learning consulting
Oct. 2006 - ISO/IEC 20000 Certification for System Support Infrastructure Management of EDUNET and RISS
July. 2005 - Certified with ISO 9001 on KERIS Quality Management System
Dec. 2004 - Earned certification on KEM as Korean Standard for educational metadata(KS X 7001)
Apr. 2004 - Moved into a new office KERIS Building
Nov. 2003 - 100% of all universities and research institutes in Korea joined with RISS
May. 2003 - Users of RISS exceeded 0.5 Mil.
Nov. 2002 - “National Digital Library Support System” was launched
May. 2002 - “National Educational Resource Sharing System” was launched
Apr. 2002 - KERIS designated as the national operation center for “National Education Information System (NEIS)” by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development
Apr. 2002 - EDUNET subscribers turned 5 million
Mar. 2001 - KERIS was assigned as “National Education and Research Information Center” by the Ministry of Information and Communication
Aug. 2000 - KERIS set education guidelines for elementary and secondary schools on the use of ICT
Jan. 1999 - The Korea Education and Research Information Service Act was enacted. KMEC and KRIC were consolidated into KERIS
May. 1998 - Nation's first service for enhancing national research competitiveness “Research Information Service System(RISS)” was launched
Sep. 1996 - Nation's first comprehensive educational information service, “EDUNET” was launched