Mission Statement


Contribute to the advancement of national education competitiveness through the promotion of ICT use in education and academic research.


Navigator of the Future Education

Strategic goals
Strategic goals Main tasks
Nurture creative talents
through ICT
  • Strengthen the curriculum-based sharing and distribution system of educational information
  • Build a smart digital learning system
  • Promote software education and cultivate a healthy digital environment
  • Improve online learning services and increase support for creativity and character education
Strengthen the support system for higher education and research
  • Promote a smart information sharing system for academic research
  • Promote the development of the foreign academic research information sharing system
  • Build an international network and support system of future higher education
  • Operate the preschool information service system
Develop creative educational administration and financial information services
  • Reinforce educational administration services and policy support
  • Provide smart academic affairs services that meet the demands of the school environment
  • Expand public participation through customer-oriented services
  • Establish and operate an advanced educational finance and administration management system
  • Build a smart information management infrastructure for educational administration and finance affairs
Build a safe cyber learning environment
  • Reinforce the information security system and expertise of educational institutions
  • Operate a secure privacy policy and the electronic authentication system
  • Enhance the stability and efficiency of education and research information systems
Conduct research on future education and lead global cooperation
  • Enhance evidence-based policy research
  • Enhance standardization and the quality assurance system for education and research information technology
  • Expand public information and promote the educational information statistics service
  • Lead international cooperation
Strengthen sustainable management support
  • Advance the sustainable management system
  • Enhance customer satisfaction management
  • Reinforce the implementation of the corruption prevention and integrity system

Major Task

  • Operation of a Center for Teaching & Learning and a cyber home learning support system through the use of EDUNET
  • Establishment of an educational environment based on digital text books and the development of digital text books
  • Operational planning and technical support for the National Education Information System(NEIS)
  • Establishment and operation of an edutaional information disclosure and online college admission information system
  • Establishment and operation of integrated provincial educational administration & finance systems
  • Support for the facilitation of school libraries and establishment of e-Libraries
  • Establishment and operation of research infrastructure through an expanded system to jointly use research information at home and abroad
  • Establishment of an e-Learning sharing system in higher education and support for facilitaion of college informatization
  • Educational planning and support for e-Learning activities in the future through R&D on learning
  • Establishment and operation of a national e-Learning quality management system
  • Establishment of e-Learning standardization and a copyright management system
  • Operation of the Education Cyber Security Center and the Education Public Key Infrastructure Center
  • Support for the globalization of e-Learning through international consulting on ICT in education
  • International exchange and cooperation with regard to ICT in education & research and support for an international e-Learning Cooperation Team