KERIS Visiting Program

Can I visit KERIS?

Yes, KERIS based in Daegu, Korea, is open to the public for visiting program, upon reservation.

What is ‘KERIS Visiting Program’?

KERIS Visiting Program’ is a program aimed to share the knowledge and experiences of how Korea has implemented ICT use in Education. KERIS provides a tour of the Future Education Center which is located in KERIS building. Guests will have opportunities to learn about Korea’s educational history, system, and current status of ICT in education. Moreover, a visit will help to develop your relationship with KERIS.

What can you expect from this program?

- See the KERIS Future Education Center, a model classroom equipped with educational ICT devices and
  organized in a way to meet the needs of learning in the future

- Hear about the major services of ICT in education KERIS operates

- Hear about the history and system of Korea’s ICT in education

- Gain knowledge, experiences and insights of Korea’s ICT in education

- Discuss and seek opportunities to build cooperation with KERIS in education


If you have any inquiries or would like to visit KERIS, please contact

Ms. Dahye KIM



Tel: +82 53 714 0447

Fax: +82 53 714 0187