Future Education Center

What is Future Education Center?

Protype for state-of-the-art technology embedded Future Education Center, and to effectively and efficiently prepare for future educational environment changes
Experimental space for future educational experience and future educational research
Testbed for teaching-learning model research and future technology for educational use
Main Space & Activities
1. Boundless Classroom General Classroom Zone
- Designed to use all walls of classroom
- Ease of movement through classroom strengthens teacher’s facilitator role
- Enable for tinted glass walls for use as blackboard and foster secure and emotional stability of
  students in a pasted colored environment
- Emotive lighting system enhances student creativity, concentration and imagination in linguistic,
  mathematics and investigative areas
2. More Fun & Excitement with Exhibition & Stage Zone
- Expanded learning space for direct and indirect experimentation with various stage performances
- Digital gallery to exhibit and display various forms of students projects
- Flexible environment to study anywhere, on stools, carpet, floor or even at a desk
3. Working Together Group Activity Zone
- Enable collaboration and sharing of learning materials with each other
- Designed to work together on collaborative projects and learning materials
- Enable class to use student projects created and transmit them to electronic blackboard
4. Fun activities Creativity & Experimental Zone
- Use various technologies and tools
- Fun and exciting indoor activities using motion detection, capture and shadow sensors
- Organize contents of work experience using multi-touch table and wall counted displays
5. Peaceful and Quiet Counselling & Research Zone
- Separate spaces for teacher to prepare class and research to counsel students
- Designed to foster peaceful and quiet ambiance for counselling while simultaneously protecting
  student privacy and personal information
6. Student Healing Space Emotion & Reading Zone
- Engulf students with the sounds of nature for relaxation
- Use natural light and soft carpeting for comfortable reading
- Designed to bring about a calm and stability and enhance reading experience with a circular sofa