International Forum for Innovative Teachers 2019

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The International Forum for Innovative Teachers 2019 was held at the Novotel Ambassador in Daegu, South Korea on April 20th, 2019. This conference was co-hosted by the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS) and Digital Promise, an ICT in education convergence agency in United States. With the theme of ‘The Future of Education: Innovative Schools and Communities’, lectures and Q&A sessions were carried out for an audience of roughly 130 attendees, which comprised of national educational innovation specialists, education specialists and teachers from the Daegu area, as well as guest speakers and members of the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education.
In this forum, presentations on innovative educational initiatives and best practices of teaching and learning in Korea and the US were shared deliberated upon, and scores of questions aimed at sharing knowledge and solving issues facing classrooms in the both nations were discussed. This forum also provided attendees with an opportunity to develop mutual cooperative networks and spread knowledge and information on education innovation, as well as discuss the future direction of education, cooperation between schools and communities, and education innovation methods for using ICT to enhance educational communication and exchange in the classroom setting. 
Digital Promise is a specialized organization for ICT in education convergence and was established by the US Federal Ministry of Education and the US Congress, with the purpose of promoting various policy support projects with the goal of expanding learning opportunities using ICT in education throughout the US. KERIS and Digital Promise signed an MOU in July, 2017, and since then have co-hosted the International Forum for Innovative Teachers which is held every year to share ICT in education policies, practices, and experiences between the two nations.

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