ICT Use in Elementary and Secondary Education

ICT Use in Elementary and Secondary Education


  • Support the substantial enhancement of public education by shifting the knowledge-centered system to an activity-centered, teaching-learning support system and thus cultivating creative thinking and cooperative problem-solving ability.


  • Re-organize the educational information service based on participation, openness, sharing and cooperation, and reinforce the foundation to share and distribute educational information and facilitate its use through a grand consortium between private and public institutions.
  • Systematically Manage teachers’capabilities for ICT-enabled education by establishing a lifelong management system for their teaching/learning experiences and enhancing the field-based use of ICT in education by operating the Cyber Home Learning Service to improve the academic performance of students

Major Tasks

Setup and operation of EDUNET
- Upgrade systems to secure, supply, and distribute educational info data
- Develop and operate user-centered education info services
- Strengthen the support of creativity and character education for students and expand support for marginalized learners
Construction and operation of the Cyber Home Learning System
- Develop and distribute level-specific content for Cyber Home Learning
- Install LMS/LCMS, next-generation learning management systems, in cities and provinces
- Distribute and stabilize the diagnosis-and-treatment learning management system and the cyber counseling system
- Provide monitoring and consulting services for the Cyber Home Learning System in cities and provinces
Development and distribution of digital textbooks
- Develop digital textbooks, create appropriate conditions, and analyze the impact of digital textbooks
- Study field applicability through the operation of pilot schools using digital text books
Operation of comprehensive information service for teacher training
- Collect and comprehensively manage the information of public and private teacher training institutions
- Provide customized information to Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development
Operation of the distance training support system
- Launch the Distance Training Support Center at KERIS for the quality assurance of distance education & training centers based on the Regulations of Training for Teachers (President’s executive order)
- Devise QA guidelines for distance education & training centers and evaluate their management
- Establish the evaluation system for the establishment, abolition, and accreditation of distance education & training centers and the management system for their operation