ICT Use in Academic Research

ICT Use in Academic Research


  • Achieve good quality, low cost and high efficiency through the provision of needed information and the efficient distribution of academic content based on RISS, the Research Information Service System
  • Raise the quality of college education and the efficiency of content distribution by establishing the e-Learning content sharing system in higher education


  • Enlarge the participatory digital distribution system of knowledge and information for more and faster sharing of knowledge and content
  • Build the academic research support system to strengthen the backing of research and learning
  • Realize the full supply of on-demand content by sharing and distributing high-quality foreign academic resources and by promoting the co-use of teaching/learning data in higher education

Major Tasks

Operation of RISS (Research Information Service System)
- Reform RISS into RISS 2.0, a user-participatory national knowledge platform
- Operate and advance dCollection, a digital academic content distribution system
- Establish the full text digital service of academic content and promote the operation
- Broaden RISS International for the overseas study of Koreanology and the connection of relevant organization
Expansion of teaching /learning content sharing in higher education
- Develop and operate KOCW, a co-use system for teaching and learning content in higher education to share teaching/learning data in higher education
- Facilitate the use of ICT in college education to improve competitiveness
- Reinforce the competitiveness of cyber universities through quality improvement
Collection of domestic academic content and support for co-use
- Increase and support the copy-loan services of domestic documents
- Establish and share the union catalog of university libraries nationwide
- Help researchers use university library content nationwide
Collection of overseas academic content and support for co-use
- Secure national license for overseas academic research information and arrange co-purchase
- Preserve major journals and expand co-use through the operational backing of the foreign academic journal support center
- Collect original overseas academic content for permanent possession
- Reinforce the collection of foreign academic content unavailable in Korea through overseas E-DDS (Electronic Document Delivery Service)
- Increase articles and metadata in foreign academic journals