ICT Use in Educational Administration

ICT Use in Educational Administration


  • Promote the reduction of teacher workload by operating NEIS, supplying fact-based educational policy data, and facilitating public convenience through diverse education administration services such as the parent service.


  • Create an upgraded system to use education administration service by identifying and providing core services for value creation and supporting fact-based educational policy data.
  • Enhance customer-centered support system by delivering customer-tailored services.
  • Sophisticate the quality assurance system of information resources by laying a next-generation, Green IT-based foundation to efficiently manage education administration information and operating an info security alert system.

Major Tasks

Operation of NEIS, an education administration service
- Provide administrative services to reduce teacher workload with NEIS and spur the innovation of work processes at schools.
- Lay the foundation to streamline procedures through administrative and civil services in pursuit of public convenience and to enable one-stop administrative processing.
- Create optimum educational circumstances connecting families and schools with the NEIS parent service“, Let’s Know Our Children Better”
- Develop and operate the student health and physical strength assessment system to promote physical activity among students (PAPS: Physical Activity Promotion System).
- Develop and operate online services to exchange college admission examination data (student records) between high schools and universities.
Establishment of next-generation NEIS
- Transform the education administration system into a user-centered work portal using up-to-date information technology.
- Integrate school-unit systems into education office-unit systems and devise operating infrastructure by replacing old equipment.
- Develop education administration programs to meet new policies and various needs.
Development and operation of information disclosure service for elementary and secondary schools
- Improve and operate an educational information disclosure system and service for elementary and secondary schools.
- Collect the information disclosure data of more than 10,000 elementary, middle, high, special, and other schools and offer services to them.
Establishment and operation of an integrated system for education administration and finance
- Develop and operate a budget and accounting system for special accounting of the local education budget to realize advanced finance structure with transparency and efficiency.
- Develop and operate a school accounting system that guarantees autonomy and transparency at elementary and secondary schools.