Policy Research - Global Cooperation

Policy Research - Global Cooperation


  • Take the lead in global e-Learning by studying ICT-enabled educational policies reflecting the changing needs of schools, developing next generation e-Learning models, studying teaching-learning environments, and pursuing global cooperation on e-Learning


  • Create a virtual circle of fact-based research about ICT-enabled educational policy, performance management, and field-based research about future education
  • Enhance global exchange and collaboration for ICT Use in Education by expanding global consulting capabilities and a network of international agencies

Major Tasks

Design the blueprint for future education and policy research on ICT use in education through future education R&D
- Perform R&D on future schools to design future education
- Explore measures to use educational robots and study their applicability
- Support policy research and policy-making reflecting the demand of policymakers at home and abroad
- Study national diagnosis and assessment of ICT-use level in education
Support of e-Learning globalization through global consulting for ICT use in education
- Provide global consulting for ICT use in education in countries of strategic investment
- Conduct global exchange and promotion for ICT use in education with activities like the hosting of international e-Learning symposiums
- Carry out joint ICT leadership training with international organizations and develop a global index for ICT use in education
Implementation of R&D on standards for ICT use in education and academic research and participation in international standardization agencies
- Support policy initiatives on ICT use in education through standardization R&D
- Take the lead role in global standardization through global cooperation and response
- Operate standard development partner agencies and private standardization forums in education and academic research