Cyber Ethic Education

Cyber Ethic Education


  • Realize Clean Education and provide a high-quality educational information service by distributing the infringement response system to education institutions and efficiently managing IT resources in the education and academic content system


  • Build a comprehensive base for intelligent, real-time security control to analyze and cope with sophisticated infringement attacks and enhance security activities, both domestically and internationally
  • Realize safe and reliable educational information services by distributing the digital signature authentication system
  • Establish a mechanism to operate and manage IT services for the educational and academic content system that lives up to international

Major Tasks

Launch and Operation of the ECSC
- Upgrade the infringement response system to enhance prompt. responses and the protection mechanism
- Operate the 24/7/365 security monitoring system for elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions
- Support the construction of information protection systems in education institutions and expand their interoperation with the ECSC
Efficient and Upgraded Management of the Education and Academic Content System
- Establish and operate the education and academic research information system
- Establish and operate ISO 20000 and IT architecture
Operation of the Digital Signature Authentication Center for Education Institutions
- Implement administrative work for digital signature authentication through the issuance and management of certificates and verification of their accuracy
- Operate and manage the digital signature authentication center for stable authentication processes
- Supply security servers to strengthen security and prevent information leakage in education and research institutes