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Welcome Message

Greetings and welcome to the Korea Education and Research Information Service(KERIS) website. I sincerely appreciate your visit on behalf of KERIS.

As we commemorate the 25th anniversary of KERIS, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing various digital education initiatives spanning from early childhood to higher education, as well as academic research and international collaboration.

In recent times, the accelerated digital transformation has ushered in a period of rapid change within South Korea’s educational landscape. Amidst this transformation, KERIS stands poised to lead the charge as an institution specializing in digital education platforms, assuming the following pivotal roles:

Firstly, the Republic of Korea is on the cusp of becoming the first nation to introduce AI-driven digital textbooks by 2025. Through successfully implementing AI-driven digital textbooks, we strive to bridge the educational divide among students while realizing a harmonious fusion of high-touch and high-tech education. To this end, we shall remain attentive to the voices of the educational community and actively support the enhancement of digital competencies among educators.

Secondly, we shall ensure the seamless operation of education administration and finance information systems. Systems closely connected with educational institutions, such as the 4th Generation NEIS and K-EduFine, will be optimized to prioritize user convenience and transparency from the general public's perspective, thereby ensuring uninterrupted, flawless service provision.

Thirdly, we shall safeguard the secure utilization of educational information resources by proactively addressing the ever-evolving cyber threats of advanced AI technologies.

With an unwavering commitment to an open and receptive approach, KERIS will remain attuned to global demands, ensuring that the educational system takes a decisive leap forward in the digital era. We humbly request your continued interest and engagement as we collectively navigate this transformative journey.

Thank you for your support and invaluable contributions. Thank you.

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