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메인페이지 PROJECT AREASInformation Security Division

Information Security Division

Safe Digital Education Environment for Educational Institutions

Educational Data Security

We will strengthen the information protection systems of educational institutions to minimize
cyber threats and contribute to the realization of a safe information utilization environment
by creating an ecosystem of autonomous personal information protection

Status of MOE Cyber Security Center interworking

mInistry of Education, Provincial/Metropolitan Ofiices of Education (# of public organizations : 50, #of linked organizations : 47), National/Public Universities(#of target organizations : 49, #of linked organizations : 48), Elementary/Middle/High Schools(#of target organizations : 11,957, #of linked organizations : 11,957), Private Universities (#of target organizations : 345, #of linked organizations : 250)(As of February 2021)

Advancement of Educational Institution Cyber Infringement Response System and Information Protection System

  • Establishment of an AI-based cyber hygiene system and proliferation of next-generation threat detection system
  • Strengthening the information security system and security control of educational institutions (city and provincial education offices, universities, national university hospitals, etc.)
  • Operation of a comprehensive prevention system for educational information services and strengthening of cyber crisis response capabilities
  • Strengthening educational institution information protection expertise and fostering future information security talents

Establishing a Safe Personal Information Protection Environment

  • Establishment and operation of a support system for de-identification measures for combined specialized institutions in the education field
  • Regular inspection and support system for leakage and exposure of personal information on the website of educational institutions
  • Operation of the Ministry of Education's Euducation Public Key Infrastructure Center and support of the establishment of a certification system

Reinforcement of Institutional Information System Operation Stability and Information Security

  • Operation and management of institutional information systems based on IT service management international standards (ISO20000)
  • Strengthening of institutional information security management system and information protection system operation
  • Establishment and operation of institutional education informatization quality management system

Reinforcement of education information service operation stability and continuous expansion of disaster recovery service

  • Operation of educational information disaster recovery center and performing disaster preparing training
  • Operation and stabilization of educational information disaster recovery system & continuous extension of service target
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